Sunday, May 8, 2016

Basic Concept of a Futuristic Architecture

basic concept of a futuristic interior design 2016
Hotel Crescent Baku Azerbaijan
Futuristic architecture derived from the basic word future, is a design architecture with unusual shapes that oriented to the future. There are many kinds of shape and  irregular in this architecture type, Here are a few examples of its shape, square, triangle, round, and sometimes living beings. Futuristic design, is already starting to become the choice of many people because of its uniqueness.

This design is very interesting, and in fact this design is a new concept of the development of ideas, and its implementation is already affecting to various types of design architect. This design plays on geometric patterns, and the patterns formed to produce a different quality of the art.

Futuristic architecture has the aspect of art in it, flexibility, freedom, capability, there are some aspects in it, not a rigid design style, with straight lines, simple, and assertive that give different expressions on this type of architecture.

Conclusion The basic concept of a futuristic interior design:

Following the development of the times, through the construction and design.
Using pre-fabricated materials such as, glass steel, aluminum, and other new materials, which is different from the interior in general.
Carrying the concept of the future, in synergy with nature, dynamic and modern.
Implement a sense of freedom and uniqueness.

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